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When kids explore Planet Kids, fun is around every corner! The Parentarium offers you insights and tips to help transform all that fun into real-time, hands-on learning! Make the most of your child’s screen time with these quick and easy, offline activities inspired by favorite preschool characters and stories from Planet Kids!

Growing up in a digital world, kids have more opportunities for fun and learning than ever before. However, research shows that preschoolers learn best when they engage in active, hands-on play. So how do we strike the right balance between “digital” and “real life” experiences?

That’s the question that launched our journey to create Planet Kids as a fully dimensionalized,, intuitive, and meaningful learning platform for the early years of your child’s development.   Experts in early childhood development have joined our Play2Learn Lab to give you insights into the learning power of your child’s play along with ways you can help transform the fun into learning

The Parentarium is designed to help you expand on that learning by translating themes and ideas from Planet Kids into real life, learning-rich activities that you can enjoy together anytime and anywhere.

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