Playing Forward


Playing Forward brings safe, engaging, interactive digital experiences to tots, with stories delivered in 3D animation and via the exciting new world of Augmented Reality, using our VROOM technology.

Just like 18Moons, we firmly believe that the best learning is when you’re having fun, so ALL our products are designed to be full of age-appropriate entertainment, whilst infused with meaningful learning moments based on the development of social and emotional learning skills, including self-regulation, social skills and relationship building, amongst others.

Each of our apps offers the following, with MANY more features and stories to come:

  • Switching between animated 3D and Augmented Reality experiences with one click, allowing the animated story for quiet times such as bed time, and Augmented Reality for the ultimately engaging experience.
  • Augmented Reality allows you to see page of the story come alive right in front of you using your smartphone or tablet—you have to see it to believe it!
  • Art and animation from an award-winning team with backgrounds in Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Optional single-word or whole story narration.
  • Original music.
  • In-app purchasing for personalization of story characters.

Check back regularly for new releases, new content and whole new experiences!


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