Wibbly Pig

Based on Mick Inkpen’s multi-award winning literary franchise Wibbly Pig (over two million books sold worldwide), these humorous stories feature lovable Wibbly, a funny, inquisitive and engaging character who turns the simplest daily tasks and activities into a comedy routine.

Wibbly Pig has been developed as a British children’s television series by Wish Films and 9 Story. The TV series was broadcast on CBeebies weekdays from Monday 7 September 2009. On 2 January 2012, it was announced on PBS Kids Sprout. The new series premiered on Sprout with the new season of The Good Night Show, on August 27.

Wibbly Pig became avialable in Septembre 2017 in Planet Kids mobile app and connected TVs, and  there are 11 episodes available in Spanish.



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