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I grew up in a household where the women were the strongest. I saw my mom and grandmother as my “super heroes”; they have shaped and inspired me to become the fierce entrepreneur I am today.

Creating a business that celebrates women was in my destiny! I remember watching my grandmother doing a million things at the same time. She told me stories of how she learned to sew by making the latest fashions for my mom and aunt because they had to stick to a very tight budget. Those stories made me realize the power of an outfit. To me, our clothes are like the armor we put on every day to conquer our world, every quest is unique, every story special.

As a woman’s clothing designer, it is my responsibility to provide this “armor” that will make my customer feel stronger, and become the best version of herself.

I want to bring this feeling to every woman who desires to tell their story through their outfit, not only the ones who can afford to make a purchase from my clothing line. That is why I started this passion project of mine: We are creating a YouTube show focused on empowering women and children.

Our show will be divided in two segments:

  • For “Journey of the outfit”  we will follow inspiring women with different life styles adding their own twist to the same outfit and sharing their story.
  • “Different is beautiful” will feature  children  from the age of 4 to 10 years old. We will be sharing their take on what is beautiful, different, princesses, super heroes. By the end of each episode we will create together a Doll that will represent each child and their uniqueness!!

Everything I do comes from my heart and soul. I want to make the world a better place one outfit at a time! I want to teach young girls that a beautiful dress on its own is just an inanimate object, the person who is wearing it is the one who makes it truly beautiful; the same dress can be transformed over and over again by the uniqueness of each woman who wears it. We are all beautiful in our own way. We may come in many shapes, sizes, colors, but that’s what makes us special; and I want every woman to know that!

By Layana Aguilar

Layana Aguilar is the designer behind the eponymous contemporary womenswear label that celebrates womanhood.
As a mother, a wife and a fashion designer, her intention is to dress the urban woman who juggles different roles in life while owning her individuality and looking extraordinary!
Layana differentiates herself by blending her experiences from living in New York City with her native Brazilian culture. She combines the traditional and innovative, sophistication and comfort, creating a label that exudes sensuality with a feminine attitude that is confidently understated and empowering.
In February 2016, Disney turned to Layana Aguilar to design the Ballgown for its first Latin Princess, “Elena of Avalor”. After appearing in season 11 of the fashion design competition show, Project Runway, Aguilar was later hooked up with Disney through one of the show’s judges, Tim Gunn.
Layana Aguilar was encourage to create whatever she imagined. Drawing from her South American heritage, Aguilar created a vibrant gown and took a risk by creating a print- a first for a Disney princess. Aguilar tapped into a childhood memory of her grandmother embroidering colorful mandala flowers. In which Layana believes to be a perfect way to represent Princess Elena’s story as well as her own. In Sanskrit, Mandala means “circle”. This art represents the quest of personal discovery and fulfillment.
Layana Aguilar, the brand, was established in New York City in 2013. The label focuses on clean and ethical production and supports domestic manufacturing in New York City

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