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Planet Kids is a subscription based app for Preschoolers with learning through play content in Spanish, English and Portuguese. The videos, games and activities that we feature foster curiosity and encourage active, multi-sensory play through an ever-changing universe of online and offline activities with kid’s favorite shows and characters. It launched in Latin America and will soon come to the US.

Our “Learning Through Play” philosophy is the foundation for our multi-media experiences. We recognize that the more senses that kids activate, the deeper the learning.



Storytelling presents new concepts in ways little ones can understand and adopt into their everyday approach to life. Planet Kids offers a carefully curated selection of award-winning programs and stories from around the world. For example, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood inspired by the beloved Mister Rogers where kids learn to get along with all different types of people in their neighborhood.



Imagination is the way kids transform complex ideas and emotions into worlds they can control and master. On Planet Kids, we feature a broad array of shows and activities that stimulate active imagination to enrich the learning experience in unique and fun ways. For example, Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks have the personalities of kids. Through their adventures, they help kids learn life lessons about overcoming obstacles as well as winning and losing.



Through play, curious kids are learning how the world works while discovering how they learn best. Our interactive playmate, ZOGO, is an alien in search of fun on Planet Kids. As a guided host, he introduces kids to shows and activities that encourage multi-sensory play. For example, in Monkey See, Monkey Do, kids are actively engaged in learning when they are invited to move their own bodies as they imitate their favorite animals while watching Monkey See, Monkey Do.



Singing and dancing are creative experiences which evoke expression of feelings. Since children do not always have the words to express themselves, music provides a great avenue for kids to learn how to express and share emotions. For example, Angelina Ballerina shares her big dreams of dancing while providing empowering messages to kids to express themselves in creative ways.

Play to Learn

What kids are discovering and learning on Planet Kids

  • Monkey See Monkey Do
  • Angelina Ballerina
  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood


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