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Parentarium makes it easy for parents to find resources that enhance learning and development along with localized events and activities. We work hand in hand with world-class content providers and brands to provide products and services uniquely designed to serve the fun and learning needs of today’s digital kids and parents.

Playmove (Interactive Playtable)

PlayTable is a interactive and multidisciplinary touchscreen table to educate and entertain children 3 years old and older. It develops cognitive and motor coordination abilities in addition to working on specific subjects, such as literacy, mathematics, science, art, and history, among others.

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Playing Forward (AR/VR)

Playing Forward is a revolutionary education and entertainment company for kids. We specialize in Augmented Reality play-based experiences that enhance reading skills and promote social-emotional learning. Our team is commited to making our products worth its weight in fun, and fun is the gateway to growth.

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Booktree (Books Platform)

We help schools and students reach their literacy goals through an online platform, with individual and customized activities for thousands of books from hundreds of publishers. Every student has complementary or spontaneous reading with activities and reports, while developing their skills through gamified reading leagues.

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